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Every year there is a few weeks when birch sap can be harvested. It's the time between winter and spring when nature wakes up from it's wintery sleep and birch sap starts to flow. Birch sap is tapped directly from the birch tree.

See how we do it

Sustainable harvesting methods

We only support sustainable harvesting methods. Our birch sap is tapped by hand – the same way it has been done for centuries. We don't force the sap out of trees using vacuum pumps. We use the same tree for tapping only every other year. In this way we don't disturb the "trees own ecosystem". 

Place of harvest


We have 800 hectares of organic certified forest to harvest. Most of it in the lovely archipelago far from any industry. To help us with the harvest we use local villagers with years of experience. In this way we can assure a premium product with complete traceability all the way back to the source.

Simple process


Birch sap is collected by drilling a hole into the tree trunk and leading the sap into a bucket via tube. After tapping, the hole is carefully plugged with a wooden pin. Sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves appear, because after that it gets a bitter taste. Tapping a birch tree does not harm the health of the tree when done responsibly. 


The window for harvest is short, only a few weeks in early spring. Harvest starts when the sun melts the snow and warm weather begin to heat up the ground. The sap starts to run up the trunk from the roots to nourish the leaves, at the same time bringing along all the vital minerals. We obtain daily 10 - 15 litres from a tree for several consecutive days. About 300 litres pass through a medium size birch every single day during the tapping season. 

Harvesting birch sap
Harvesting birch sap
Harvesting birch sap
Harvesting birch sap
Harvesting birch sap
Harvesting birch sap

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